What is Immerse?

The Immerse Intensive Training is an invitation to a time of consecration before the Lord with a heart desire to experience, go deeper, and grow in the love of the Father. This 10 day training provides a space to pursue intimacy with Jesus, embrace humility of heart, seek holiness as a lifestyle, understand the need to live for the age to come, and set our heart with commitment to a  community under the culture of the cross. 


We plan to have an Immerse in different languages to be able to best serve our community. So far, we are planning Immerse for English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Our Next Immerse:

Spanish Immerse

Entrenamiento Intensivo IMMERSE 2018 se realizará del 17 – 30 de Septiembre 2018 (2 Semanas) Solo algunos temas del entrenamiento: Arpa y Copa, Misiones y Evangelismo, Sala de Oración, Israel, Final de los Tiempos, La Depravacion del Hombre y La Cruz. Tambien incluye la Conferencia Pasion por Jesus (del 28-29 de Septiembre). Si tiene alguna pregunta o duda por favor contacte a marizaf@ihopeg.org.