The healing rooms of Eastern Gate,  is a ministry of compassion that exists to serve the community and the whole Church. The Healing Rooms are staffed by trained volunteers who pray for the sick. We believe that in the presence of God there is power for the sick to be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ according to His Word. Matthew 8:16-17. “And when evening had come they brought to Him many who were demon possessed and He cast out the spirits with a word and healed all who were ill in order that what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled saying, “He took our infirmities and carried away our diseases.” As a prayer ministry, we are asking that no sickness or disease known to man would be able to stand as the Lord manifests Himself in our midst.

What You Can Expect

The healing rooms ministry asks for people who are in need of a physical healing to receive prayer from teams of three or four trained volunteers. The ministry begins with a simple registration that tells us who you are and what the situation is.  This information is only used for the healing rooms and will not be used in any other manner.  You will then be led into the prayer room to receive silent soaking prayer while the worship team is ministering in a devotional prayer set.  After receiving soaking prayer you will be led into one of several designated healing rooms as ordinary people believe God for extraordinary answers to their prayers. You will be given Communion emphasizing the Bread, His body that was broken for you giving you healing for your diseases.  Then they will pray for you after anointing you with oil.  Each of the ministers in the room has a specific role in order to give you the most loving and comfortable experience.  The entirety of the experience will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes you can stay in the soaking room as long as you would like and are free to return for additional prayer as needed.  We also have available “pre-natal prayer” for those that are pregnant or are having problems in their pregnancy. (Tuesday Mornings) We also encourage those married couples that are having difficulty becoming pregnant to come in and receive healing.

We will pray for healing over any physical ailment regardless of its severity and over any mental disorder.  Please take note that the healing room prayers serves a goal of pastoral encouragement and healing, should God allow.  However, they are no substitute to responsibly consulting professional help, should the circumstances mandate so.

When We Are Open

Healing Rooms are currently open Tuesdays @ 6:30PM-9PM during the regular prayer set at Eastern Gate.