CEC Mandate:

 Vision: The vision of the Children’s Equipping Center (CEC) is:

  • to raise up children as young forerunners who love God wholeheartedly
  • to help them grow in the knowledge of God through the study of the Word
  • to evangelize the lost from a place of prayer in the 24/7 reality
  • to cultivate a heart of compassion by giving generously to the poor
  • to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit moving in signs and wonders through prayer, prophesy, and the laying on of hands, unto the Lord’s return.

CEC classes: We provide teaching from the Bible, times of worship, and opportunities for prayer in various styles, from laying on of hands, to small group prayer, to “rapid fire” prayer.  We cover many prayer themes- such as prayer for personal requests, social justice issues, and nations.

Other Special Events/Activities:
The Zechariah and Elizabeth Fellowship is our quarterly meeting for parents where we share lunch along with CEC updates, family encouragement, and prayer.

Signs & Wonders Camp:
A powerful summer day camp/kids’ conference, drawing children and families from the tri-state region and beyond. Children are taught to engage with the Lord in worship, to function as intercessors in the prayer room, and then to release their gifts by ministering to others, becoming the” altar ministry team” on the last night of camp.

Isaac Academy:
A weekly homeschool co-op that serves as another opportunity to train homeschooled children in prayer and to encourage homeschooling parents.


The CEC Summer Program: ACTIVATE is a 6-week program that provides biblical instruction and opportunities for practical application and prayer activation, consistent with the CEC vision to raise up young forerunners living a lifestyle of wholehearted devotion to God.  The program is called “ACTIVATE” because our desire is to see children activated in the place of prayer, stirred in their spiritual gifts, and released into all that the Father has for them.  ACTIVATE runs Tuesday through Thursday, starting on June 27th and ending on August 10th.  It will follow traditional day camp hours, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day.

For more information contact our Director, Julie Heras: julieh@ihopeg.org



We meet every Sunday morning during the 10:30 AM Sunday Expression and Friday night during our 7 PM Encountering God Service.