A Christian Internet Radio Broadcast reaching the world

Join us for our LIVE Broadcast Weekdays 11-1 PM EST!

Your Radio Host, George Flores

and his beautiful wife Maryann have been serving the Lord for several decades. He has been one of the prominent voices of Christian radio here in the Metro New York region for the last 25 years. In 2015 George began building a new internet based radio station that would have access to the nations. He has a high vision for the power of internet radio being utilized for the propagation of the Gospel and the encouragement of an international body of Christ.

“I believe the House of Prayer is so important in this region. It’s all about our prayers, it’s all about His praise. My vision for The GATE is to broadcast an invitation to people of all nations, to enter the Narrow Gate and reach for God, who hears our prayers and cares about each one of us on a personal, intimate level.”

If you are interested in financially partnering with George and his family, please visit

If you are interested in financially partnering with The Gate, please visit

George would love to hear from you! Your personal prayer requests, song requests for The Gate radio, or just a simple hello.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why Live Streaming Christian Broadcast?

    Young people ages 16-28 have not yet made a world-view decision yet, and are seeking answers to life’s questions. These youth are primarily using social media platforms to obtain knowledge, meaning, and relevance. Media in a short time has progressed from print, to the mobile app. The Gospel in the form of music, teaching, and dialogue must be made available in a platform that can reach today’s world.

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    Who's Listening?

    Christians of all ages, world-wide are tuning in. Internet radio is not bound by the locality of a radio tower signal and can support an international listening audience. The Gate serves those who are wanting to worship, or receive prayer, or encouragement in any given hour, any given day. We believe The Gate and other international Christian broadcasts, can be a key to reaching the unreached, as well as training and mobilizing the next generation of believers.

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    What Nations?

    The most popular nations that use the Internet for their Christian connections are: 1. India 2. China 3. Brazil 4. US. Christian internet radio is most crucial for struggling believers in nations that are restricted or hostile toward the Gospel.

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    How Can I Help?

    If you have a business, consider advertising on The GATE’s streaming page – you’ll get international exposure!