Children are called by the Lord to be a light in the midst of darkness in their schools. The Samuel Company is committed to equip children to answer that call just as Eli prepared Samuel for when the Lord called him

We are beginning this program with children in Grades 2-6. We will meet on Tuesdays after school. The cost for the school year is $150.00. Our Orientation will be on Tuesday September 18th at 4:30. New parents are welcome to come and ask questions and find out more about our program. Our Semester will run from October 4th to June 6th.

Prayer Room

We believe that encounters with The Lord are found in the place of Prayer. Our lessons and our curriculum are developed in the prayer room. We give them time in the prayer room with prayer room intercessors that will encourage them in expressing themselves in prayer and worship. This gives them the tools that they need to pray effectively.

Biblical Foundation

We are not just reading Bible stories. We are teaching children to love the word and to know the word. I Samuel 3 tells us that the Lord called Samuel as a child and because of that encounter we believe that children are called to be forerunners. They do not need to be adults to learn to serve the Lord and prepare the way for His return.

The Secret Place

We will be strengthened in our prayer life when we are connected to The Lord in the Secret Place. Children will learn to talk and listen to The Lord as a lifestyle.

From Their Heart to Their Schools

We will teach the children how to take what the Lord has done in their hearts and lives to the other children and teachers in theirs schools

Our Staff

  • lucy_color

    Lucy McCormick­, Director of Samuel Company (After School Program)

    Lucy is a certified Elementary School Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree from The College of New Jersey. She worked 12 years as a Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher. She is a full time intercessory missionary at The Eastern Gate.

  • Caitlin

    Caitlin Castano

    Caitlin has a desire to see the generations behind her serve the Lord with their entire heart, soul and minds. She has worked in children and youth ministry for about 5 years. She is an intercessory missionary and worship leader at Eastern Gate.

For more information about Samuel Company please contact: Lucy McCormick at
Our next school year will begin with orientation on Tuesday September 13. The school year will then run from September 27th to June 6th of 2017.