“There is urgency and importance in God’s heart to establish houses of prayer in strategic locations throughout our nation.The eastern seaboard is one of those areas. Gary has been trained in our context and by the hand of God has established a Missions Base, Eastern Gate. He has been faithful for years and leads with an excellent spirit. The NY/NJ metro region is one of great importance and an expression like this will reap benefits for the kingdom and the harvest. As director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City I know that this is no easy task. I encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting Eastern Gate in both prayer and partnership for the increase of Jesus’ glory as our great King.”
– Mike Bickle, Founder of the International House of Prayer Kansas City and International House of Prayer University

“Eastern Gate House of Prayer resembles the early Church in so many ways. Its a place where you can find a great cross-centered theology, a healthy outward focus, and genuine discipleship, all built of it well established upon a solid foundation of ongoing prayer and fantastic worship. I love the people there and I love everything they’re doing.”
 Joel Richardson New York Times best selling author and expert on Bible prophecy and the Middle East

 Lack of prayer for God’s guidance, leadership and enablement for any work of God is an expression of over-confidence in our own ability to achieve eternal results-a simply foolish notion. Anything worth doing is worth bathing in prayer. My heart rejoices that this younger generation sees prayer to be more about adoration than asking, more about praising than petitioning, and more about seeking the heart of God than the supply of God.”
– David E. Schroeder, Ed. D President of Somerset Christian College Zarephath, NJ

I can’t express enough the extreme joy I feel knowing that the Lord is establishing a 24/7 house of prayer here in Central New Jersey. Eastern Gate has been in the planning stages for years in the hearts, minds, and spirits of a number of pastors in our area, but the Lord has specifically led and trained Gary De Pasquale to be the hands on spiritual leader of such a house of prayer. The season of preparation has ended, and a season of implementation has begun. Through a miraculous series of events Eastern Gate is now a reality. Please join me in supporting Gary and his team in this crucial, front-line, effort to come against the gates of hell,and enter the gates of heaven through the power of continuous intercessory prayer in our region.”
– Kevin Brennan, D. Div Former Senior Pastor, Evangel Church A/G Scotch Plains, NJ

Eastern Gate is a strategic outpost for the move of the Holy Spirit in the Northeast. They strike a Biblical balance between worship and intercession vertically, leading to a release of social justice horizontally. This House of Prayer is a place for people of all denominations or no denomination to experience intimacy with God. This intimacy leads believers to act as agents of change and healing in their churches, communities and the marketplace.”
– Juan Galloway President of New York City Relief