Who we are

International House of Prayer Eastern Gate exists first and foremost to be an altar of unceasing worship and intercession over the metro area, our nation and all the nations of the earth unto the return of Christ.

Our goal of having live worship and prayer for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a daunting task and requires strategy and insight to sustain the endeavor. At Eastern Gate, we break down the 24 hours a day into twelve 2-hour “Sets”. Our sets fall mainly in three categories: 1.) Devotional Sets 2.) Intercession Sets or 3.) Worship With the Word Sets. The format and structure of how these sets go forth is through what is known as the “Harp and Bowl” style of worship.

What we do

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    In addition to an eventual 24/7 Prayer Room, Eastern Gate also exists to serve the region as a center for equipping saints in prayer, ministry, theology, and outreach.

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    Our Encounter God Service is a regional gathering every Friday night at 7pm. We also have our Sunday Expression service on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

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    Fire Internships provide biblical and practical training for those who feel a call toward ministry or are simply wanting to go deeper in their faith.

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    Our Evangelism Department trains believers to preach the gospel and minister not only on the streets but in their daily lives to those around them. With prayer, prophesy, and proclamation , we believe that we can manifest Gods love for the lost out of love-sick devotion to Jesus.

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    Our Children’s Equipping Center, Isaac Academy Homeschool Co-Op, and Student Forerunner Ministries provide discipleship for the next generation.